Year One and International Women's Day

Time to Celebrate!

“Wow, what a year!” If you watched the TODAY show Thursday morning (3/7/19), this is a line Hoda Kotb and Willie Geist said they use when they are out of things to say in an interview. The line came quite naturally when starting this blog post because I honestly am having a hard time finding the words. This last year has been the most incredible whirlwind and I am feeling all of the feels as we celebrate NIXcreative’s FIRST birthday! Companies have birthdays, right?

And not only are we celebrating NIXcreative’s “first birthday”, but we are also celebrating the launch of our new branding, our new website, and International Women’s Day!

I chose to relaunch on International Women’s Day for two reasons: 1) I needed to give myself a hard deadline, and 2) there is nothing more empowering than being a woman in business in 2019. This is a time when a “once a teen mom” can build a successful career for herself, when an only parent can provide for her family, and when a woman can create her own life for herself without anyone holding her down. It is very humbling yet empowering and I feel so blessed to be here today unveiling what I’ve incubated in the last year:



I designed NIXcreative’s original logo overnight. I felt that I needed an official logo in order to officially “launch” NIXcreative, so I wasted no time and threw together a logo that would suffice until the time was right to rebrand. The original logo was cute and bold but if you have a designer eye, you may have noticed that there was an imperfection in the typography. This was beginning to drive me crazy, and we simply outgrew the brand.

The new logo reflects a more clean and sleek brand identity while incorporating the very popular serif fonts that I love. It better represents NIXcreative as an agency and not an independent contractor or freelancer.


As with the logo, I built our first website in record time. And when I say “build”, I mean throw together. The original website was great and served its purpose...until we outgrew it. We desperately needed an entirely redesigned website to reflect our new branding, streamlined services + offerings, the work we’ve done, and the company we keep.

We spent our first year completely “heads down” as we figured out: who we wanted to work with, how we wanted to work with them, streamlining workflows and project management tools, and keeping our client base happy with the work we were doing. We didn’t put much effort into marketing our promoting ourselves; social media was simply an extension of our branding. However, in our second year, we are shifting focusses just slightly as we utilize our NEW website as a hub for all things NIXcreative.


In the beginning stages of NIXcreative, people didn’t know what we did, because we didn’t either. I knew social media would be our main offering but we also said yes to almost everything that came our way. We dabbled in logo design, web design, and company internal communications + form set up and started receiving a ton of leads that didn’t fall in our sweet spot of social media and brand marketing.

Our new website clearly highlights our newly defined services + capabilities as well as the industries we spend the most time in.


We now proudly offer three packages which allow us to provide our services to smaller business and individuals.

SOCIAL & BRAND MARKETING: This is for clients who want to hire us to manage their social on a retainer basis.

STRATEGY: There are times when a company doesn’t have the budget to hire an agency or has an employee available to manage social media. We come in and develop the full strategy for you to take back to your team to then implement and execute.

ONE ON ONE CALLS: You can now schedule 30-60 minute calls with Jordan to consult, advise or train in regards to all things social media and brand marketing.


We recently set up shop in an amazing space located in Dallas’ West End Historic District. We are in the heart of Downtown Dallas and are surrounded by creatives and entrepreneurs. If you are ever in the area, please stop by! We have coffee, beer, and wine and will share our WiFi!

Now, I want to thank you for being here and invite you to go click around and see it all for yourself!

jordan nix