Introducing NIXcreative

Today is the day! I am elated to introduce you to my new passion project (and full-time job) that is NIXcreative: a social media and digital marketing creative agency!

It has been my dream to start my own business since I can remember, and while my “dream job” has changed a few times over the years (I once wanted to be a wedding dress designer and later an architect), my passion for creativity has only evolved. My favorite pastime is creating, whether it be blogs, pieces of art, websites, graphic design and some pretty killer Spotify playlists. And I live for the process it takes to create something you love…which leads me to the incubation of NIXcreative.  

Creating a business and jumping into the world of entrepreneurship is scary… especially as a single mom. While this is something I have always dreamt of, it is also something that I have been putting off until the “right time”. However, the universe has a funny way of pushing you towards that next step – a step that is typically way outside of your comfort zone. We should just call it a leap because that is what it is: a leap of faith!  

I have been lucky to work alongside and for some pretty incredible people and entrepreneurs and have learned so much from each and every one of them – all valuable lessons and wisdom that I will apply at NIXcreative. I’ll share a few…

Think differently. Be unique. Thrive in what sets you apart.

Nurture relationships. People do business with you, not your product.

Collaboration is essential. Incorporating 5 people’s ideas is much more powerful than your single idea.

Always be learning and don’t forget to listen.

Creativity can’t be studied. It’s a gift.

Now, with the above words of wisdom, my entrepreneurial spirit, and Gemini tendencies combined with a single mother’s grit comes my biggest passion project and newest career path.

I am launching NIXcreative with a mission to give brands and small businesses the tools and finesse to build a brand that is unique, memorable, and relatable in an overcrowded digital arena. We do the groundwork to better understand your customer, discover how they interact with brands, and engage in a meaningful way that delivers results and develops your brand’s online presence. We understand that digital and social media marketing isn’t a one size fits all, therefore we develop a unique strategy that works best your business and your customer. Are you ready to start collaborating? Get in touch!

Thank you for your support in this new venture!